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Annual Membership 

Membership to the Maine Trappers Association starts at only $25.00 per year, and Union River Chapter dues are just an additional $2.00 per year. We love to see new faces, especially young men and women looking to build their skills. Join today!

Local Chapters 

The Maine Trappers Association has local chapters throughout the state. If the Union River Chapter is inconvenient then consider joining one of the 11 others. 

Makes a Great Gift

Do you have a loved one who is impossible to shop for? Consider a membership to the Union River Chapter of the Maine Trappers Association. It's inexpensive, enjoyable, and there are no obligations. Come when you can, meet new friends, continue to learn.

​The Maine Trappers Association was established in 1947 to provide an organization by which those with a common interest in the sport of trapping could come together to discuss their common goals. Join today and let the adventure begin!

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For information on joining the Union River Chapter drop us a line using the contact form or call our President, Paul Favolise, at (207) 483-4779.



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